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Horse Head 3d Illusion Lamp 2021

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  • Light up your life with this Horse Head 3d Illusion Lamp.
  • Very pretty and makes nice night light.
  • Must have for any Horse lover.

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Horse Head 3d Illusion Lamp Benefits:

  1. Make your room more lively with this Horse Head 3d illusion lamp.
  2. At night turn it on and it puts light in your whole front room.
  3. Makes a great gift.
  4. Giving you good vibes.
  5. visitors will be amazed at the illusion that the lamp creates.
  6. This is a perfect and trendy style that will extremely add plenty of character to any house.
  7. It’s a total statement piece in any room, home, or office and the LED light is as energy efficient as it’s beautiful. LED Night Lamp is a flawless combination of art and technology that will transform any room in your home into a design destination.

how does 3d lamp work:

The Optical Illusion Lamp radiates light in a gorgeous 3D shape that will blow your guests’ minds. That creates the 3D stereoscopic effect, A Laser sculpting that transmittance more than 98% light to the head of LED Night Lamp.


*Provides over 10,000 hours of bright light

*Includes an energy-efficient LED strip (Saving energy)

*Automatic color changing mode available

*7 Colors Mode: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, and Pink.

*Easily turns on/off the handy power switch on the plug-in cord

*Touch button to turn off, turn on, and change the color visibility.

*3D Illusion Plate Only 4mm thick.

*Power consumer: 0.012kw.h/24 hour.

*USB cable length: 150 CM.

*Product Weight: 300g.

What’s in the box?

1x Acrylic Plate

1x Black Round Base

1x USB Cord

1x User Manual



Step 1: Insert the acrylic plate into the base, and connect the power source by USB cable.
Step 2: Touch and press the power button to change color among the 7 color light cycle or enter auto flashing colors cycle mode;
Touch and press 1 time light change 1 time, the order as Red—Green—Blue—Yellow—Cyan—Purple—White–Auto Flashing colors cycle mode.
Step 3: Long time touch power button, power off.

Acrylic Board Sided With A Protective Film, Please Put The Protective Film Be Removed Before Use.
Connect by USB cable. Do not need Battery.


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13 reviews for Horse Head 3d Illusion Lamp 2021

  1. Elenora

    nice horse illusion lamp.

  2. Selma

    great 3d lamp.

  3. Reta

    Our daughter LOVES IT! Cant thank you enough.

  4. Moira

    Get it!

  5. Millie

    this is well worth the price.

  6. Dan

    very nice , for horse lovers.

  7. Leandro

    amazing horse head 3d lamp.

  8. Brittney

    Fun product, good quality, good price!

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